Slide Etendo is a multi-platform system that adds new developments to the features of a classic ERP

New features

Mobile App

It connects to the ERP and allows the user to work on the tasks that can be done from the web. It also includes new functionalities such as scan inventory and document digitization.


We developed a tool that makes the migration from Openbravo to Etendo easier. We can migrate in a simple way, following only a few steps to have our new system up and running.

Ongoing maintenance

Through our repository, which is mounted on a Nexus server, we can store and distribute our software and modules. We also offer our partners space for their business and distribution of modules.

Development platform

We use Gradle for build, publish, and dependency handling automation. This tool offers flexibility and innumerable benefits since it allows us to easily create any type of task.

Kubernetes ready

Etendo is an allocable and horizontally scalable software. Kubernetes provides us with the infrastructure that allows us to scale the system on demand. We also use Elastic, a tool for managing the logs in clusters that collects information and valuable statistics about the server and helps us to easily identify any inconvenience.

Tools standardization

We use tools that are standard in the industry like Git flow, Kubernetes, Sonar, Docker, Jenkings, JUnit, Gradle, Nexus, Flex, Elastic, React, among others. We think in a dynamic product and we look for surpassing technologies. A battery of automatic tests will be available and also a tool for testing modules compatibilities.

Git Flow as version control system

In the Etendo development team we use Git Flow tool to speed up and simplify the development process and the versioning of releases, hotfixes, features, etc. We encourage our partners and collaborators to adopt this tool in their development processes.

Decoupled user interface

Etendo provides an API to interact with the system from different interfaces. Flexibility to easily change technology or create customizations according to specific requirements.

Machine Learning

An API to process the data available in Etendo is in development. It will allow us to use the results in different areas such as variable forecasting, cost optimizations, stock optimizations and purchase management.


Flexible architecture, structured in layers and with a low-level communication interface that allows us to implement integrations in a generic way with other platforms.

Updated localization modules

Required localization modules (taxes, billing processes, locations) are available and have continuous maintenance.


The Marketplace presents the relevant information of each module, the functionalities that it includes and how it would look in Etendo. This makes the search and selection of modules easier. We also implement a tool for developers that creates a file for an automatic installation, according to the clients’ requirements.

Etendo BI

This tool allows the management area to view the information that is in Etendo through Power BI. At the moment it is available for sales analysis, and we are working on warehouses and finances.

Cost engine

We offer the possibility to use a default cost engine that can be redefined. It is also possible to create multiple cost engines with different algorithms.

Other features

Production management


Human Resources Management

Quality and traceability

Purchases and acquisitions

Projects management

Business Administration


CRM Software


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