Customer Success Story: Lady Pipa


Welcome to a new success story, where we show you how Etendo has transformed the management of companies in various industries.

This time, we delve into the world of fashion with Lady Pipa, a Spanish company known for its exclusive garments for guests and brides.


Today we interviewed Lidia, from the accounting area, who told us in first person, how was the integration process with Etendo 👇🏻



Could you briefly describe what your company does?

Lady Pipa is a fashion company dedicated to the manufacture of garments in Spain for guests and brides, as well as subsequent marketing along with accessories, offering its products through its website and its two stores open to the public.

What is the size of your company in terms of annual turnover?

Around 8 million euros.

How many employees does your organization currently have?

Lady Pipa currently has 21 employees.


What was the main challenge or pain you were experiencing before implementing Etendo?

The organization of billing and financial account control.

What are the main functionalities of Etendo that you use on a daily basis?

Invoice accounting, both customer and supplier, and use of the financial account, as well as functionalities that allow us to obtain data and documents for the submission of the corresponding taxes and compliance with the provision of information from the relevant tax authorities.


How was the process of implementing Etendo in your company?

It was a complex process, since there are different casuistries that have to be taken into account due to the operation of our company and that require developments that are greater than expected on many occasions.

How would you describe your team’s adaptation to the new platform?

The implementation has been positive, as the change has been greater since there was no platform previously available that could provide information in a clear and useful way. Little by little, we are becoming proficient in understanding the program, as well as all its functionalities, as it is very complete.


What positive impact has Etendo had on your operations and processes?

We highlight the organization and the ease of generating information.

How has efficiency and productivity improved since using Etendo?

Speed in transferring information and quick error detection.

How do you rate Etendo’s flexibility to adapt to changes in your company’s internal processes?

Etendo adapts well to changes and its team always tries to offer you options to solve the different developments needed to solve various day-to-day problems in the company.

How would you describe Etendo’s level of support and customer service?

Etendo’s support is fast and responsive to problems that may occur.

The implementation of Etendo in our company has greatly benefited the development of the accounting department, as well as the company in general, since it unifies information and simplifies mandatory compliance processes.